Principal Investigator

Xiaonan L. Liu

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3943 4377


Graduate Students

Lei Chen

2nd-year Ph.D. Student

Tel: (852)39434247


I'm interested in how individuals acquire knowledge from daily experience and dynamic environments. Motivated to further understand the neural/biological, cognitive, and computational mechanisms of such a learning process, I focus on memory and sleep in my current work. But I am also open to other related topics, such as decision-making, statistical learning, and causal reasoning, and happy to look at the development and mental health aspects in my future research.

Siyu Chen

M.A. Student


I have just started my journey in psychology. Broadly speaking, I’m interested in long-term memory, working memory and its underlying mechanisms. I'm currently working on neural network models that can potentially explain a broad range of findings on the testing effect.

Yilin Gu

M.A. Student


I am delighted to participate in psychological research to explore the mysteries of human memory and learning. I am interested in the mechanisms and changes of cognition, learning, ability, personality, and memory during the human development process. I am currently researching memory to improve sign language learning through retrieval practice.

Undergraduate Students

Jeffrey Chun-Yin Fong

B.S.Sc Student


I am currently a final-year undergraduate student conducting my senior thesis research in the field of educational psychology. My main focus is to investigate the intricate interplay between cognitive, emotional, and physical factors that significantly influence students' performance during test-taking. I will embark on this independent inquiry in my capacity as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the course PSYC2190 Physiological Psychology in Term 2, 2023-24. My ultimate goal is to provide college faculty with valuable, evidence-based insights on designing assessments that align with predetermined learning objectives, thereby maximising pedagogical outcomes.

Research Assistant

Mingrou GUO

Research Assistant

Tel: (852) 39434247


My research interests primarily revolve around human episodic memory. I specialize in EEG and signal processing. I am particularly intrigued by the impact of various approaches on memory and the corresponding underlying mechanisms. These approaches encompass cognitive strategies, sleep, tACS, rhythmic auditory stimuli, physical environment, and more. I find them captivating and believe they complement one another.

Lab Alumni

Esther Chen   Research Assistant