Principal Investigator

Xiaonan L. Liu

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3943 4377


Graduate Students

Lei Chen

1st-year Ph.D. Student

Tel: (852)68741446


I'm interested in how individuals acquire knowledge from daily experience and dynamic environments. Motivated to further understand the neural/biological, cognitive, and computational mechanisms of such a learning process, I focus on memory and sleep in my current work. But I am also open to other related topics, such as decision-making, statistical learning, and causal reasoning, and happy to look at the development and mental health aspects in my future research.

Research Staff

Esther Chen

Research Assistant

Tel: (852)3943 4247


I am a recent graduate from UCLA, majoring in cognitive science. My research interests include neurological disorders, their symptoms, and respective treatments, as well as the underlying neural bases of higher-order psychological processes. Outside of research, I enjoy discovering new music and paying off my sleep debt.